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    Understand how to implement file download action class in Struts2 with a sample application. Please see previous tutorial to create report in below format: Struts 2 XLS Download pertucenrine.tke = Struts 2 PDF Download Example. Struts2: Download file example For example, the file name, default = inline, values are typically attachment;filename="".

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    Struts2 Pdf File Example

    Example on how to force browser to save the pdf file can be found here (it simply uses the content-disposition header that I pointed out before). A Struts 2 example to show the use of custom result type to allow user to download file. 1. Action. In Action class, declared an InputStream data. An example of PDF Generating is given below. Another Example of Creating PDF in struts. How to insert image in PDF file in struts2.

    So let us create a java file HelloWorldAction. The Action class responds to a user action when user clicks a URL. One or more of the Action class's methods are executed and a String result is returned. Based on the value of the result, a specific JSP page is rendered. We have standard getters and setter methods for the "name" property and an execute method that returns the string "success". The Struts 2 framework will create an object of the HelloWorldAction class and call the executed method in response to a user's action. You put your business logic inside this method which finally returns the String constant. In other words, for each URL, you would have to implement one action class and either you can use that class name directly as your action name or you can map to some other name using struts. Create a View We need a JSP to present the final message, this page will be called by Struts 2 framework when a predefined action will happen and this mapping will be defined in struts. So let us create the below jsp file HelloWorld. Create Main Page We also need to create index. This file will serve as the initial action URL where a user can click to tell the Struts 2 framework to call a defined method of the HelloWorldAction class and render the HelloWorld. When a user clicks on the Submit button it will cause the Struts 2 framework to run the execute method defined in the HelloWorldAction class and based on the returned value of the method, an appropriate view will be selected and rendered as a response.

    How to create pdf file in struts2.

    Following link shows al the available MIME types. Stream lenght in bytes. Size of buffer, defuult If set to an expression, the result of evaluating the expression will be used. If not set, then no charset will be set on the header. Following step-by-step procedure explains, how to develop complete working application in Eclipse. Step 1: Step 2: Mavenize the project.

    Update pom. Step 3: Create package com.

    Struts 2 and iText PDF Report Integration Example

    File ; import java. FileInputStream ; import java.

    InputStream ; import com. Step 4: Update web.

    The resource is generally a server page, but it can also be a PDF file, an Excel spreadsheet, or a Java applet window. Separating concerns makes it easier to manage applications as they become more complex.

    If you like, fire up your Java IDE, and enter the code as we go. The example code for this tutorial, helloworld, is available for checkout from the Struts 2 GitHub repository at struts-examples.

    The example projects use Maven to manage the artifact dependencies and to build the. If you are having a problem getting this application to work search the Struts 2 mailing list.

    Be sure to note the package statement below. Note that in the code shown below the JavaDoc comments are omitted.

    File Upload Example in Struts 2

    In the download example, JavaDoc comments are included. The Struts 2 framework requires that objects you want to expose to the view HelloWorld.

    Based on the value of the result, a specific view page in this example that view page is HelloWorld. Note the package and import statements below. MessageStore; import com. Note also the public getter method for the private MessageStore object. By adding the. See the Struts Tags for more information about tags.

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