manual or otherwise, without the prior written permission of BenQ Corporation. Before download starts, be sure the projector has entered Standby Mode. MPC User Manual - Support. MP Data Sheet. Language:English. File Size: KB. Version: Operating System: Update: Download. MP User Manual. Language: English. File Size: MB. Version: Operating System: Update: /10/ Download. Data Sheet. MP Data Sheet.

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    Benq Mp721c Manual Pdf

    View and Download BenQ MP - XGA DLP Projector user manual online. Mainstream Series. MP - XGA DLP Projector Projector pdf manual download. BenQ Digital Projector MP/c. Specifications The MP offers the reliability, image quality, and convenience Manual Zoom, 31" to ". MP User Manual. Language: English. File Size: MB. Version: Operating System: Update: /10/ Download. MP Uživatelská příručka.

    Overview View all the pages Comments Page 21 Connection 17 Connection When connecting a signal source to the projector, be sure to: 1. Turn all equipment off before making any connections. Use the correct signal cables for each source. Ensure the cables are firmly inserted. In the connections shown below, some cables may not be included with the projector see Shipping contents on page 6. They are commercially available from electronics stores. Wireless connection optional The Wireless module allows for simultaneous wireless Page 22 Connection 18 To connect the projector to a notebook or desktop computer either through a VG A c a b l e o r VG A to DV I - A c a b l e : The final connection path should be like that shown in the following diagram: Many laptops do not turn on their external video ports when connected to a projector. Press FN and the

    The screen will be blank while AUTO is functioning. Fine-tuning the image size and Page 34 Operation 30For example, Selecting the aspect ratio The aspect ratio is the ratio of the image width to the image height. Most analog TV and computers are in ratio, which is the default for this projector, and digital TV and DVDs are usually in ratio. With the advent of digital signal processing, digital display devices like this projector can dynamically stretch and scale the image output to a different aspect than that of the image input source.

    You can change the projected image ratio Page 35 Operation 31 Selecting a picture mode The projector is preset with several predefined application modes so that you can choose one to suit your operating environment and input source picture type.

    To select a operation mode that suits your need, press MODE repeatedly until your desired mode is selected. The picture modes available for different types of signals are listed below.

    PC Signal Input 1.

    Dynamic Mode Default : Maximizes the brightness of the projected image. This mode is suitable for Press any key on the control panel to restore the image. Page 37 Operation 33 4. To execute MyScreen utility: i. Left 3 or Right4. When the function is activated for the first time, a prompt will display on the screen.

    Benq W Service Manual

    As pictured to the right, the four arrow buttons Input Password Up 5, Right4, Down 6, Left 3 respectively represent 4 digits 1, 2, 3, 4. Press the arrow buttons to enter four digits for the password. When all digits are entered and the password is ready, press AUTO to confirm.

    Write your selected password down here in this manual in advance or right after the password is entered so that it is available to you should you ever forget it. Enter the password again for verification. Perform one of the following 3 steps. Press AUTO to continue.

    The set-up is finished when the message Password setup completed displays. Press Up 5 to clear and re-enter four digits. Press Down 6 to cancel the password set-up and return to the on-screen menu.

    Select Off by pressing Left 3 or Right4. Then press Down 6 to confirm or Up 5 to cancel. Though the password function is disabled, you need to keep the old password in hand should you ever need to change the password by entering the old password. If you enter the wrong password, the password error message displays.

    You can retry by pressing Up 5, or if you did not record the password in this manual, and you absolutely do not remember it, you can use the password recall procedure. Password Error Try again Forgot password, please refer to User's manual Entering the password recall procedure Press and hold Right4on the projector for 3 seconds.

    The projector will display 4 sets of coded number on the screen. Write down the number and turn off your projector. Seek help from the local BenQ service center to decode the number. You may be required to provide proof of purchase documentation to verify that you are an authorized user of the projector. Changing the password 1. Press Left 3or Right4. Enter the old password. If the password is correct, you can go on to enter new password.

    If the password is incorrect, a Password Error message displays. Press Up 5 to try again or press Down 6 to cancel. Enter a new password. Press AUTO to confirm.

    Press Up 5 to try again. Press Down 6 to cancel the set-up and return to the on-screen menu. Confirm the new password by re-entering the new password. Pressing AUTO completes the procedure. Operation 27 Switching input signal The projector can be connected to multiple devices at the same time.

    However, it can only display one at a time. When SOURCE on the projector control panel or the remote control is pressed, information of current signal and resolution will display at the lower right corner. You can manually press SOURCE repeatedly until your desired signal is selected or let the projector automatically search for the available signal. Once detected, the selected source information will display at the lower right corner of the screen for 3 seconds. If there is multiple equipment connected to the projector, you can press the button again to search for another signal.

    Be sure the Source Scan function in the Advanced menu is activated if you want the projector to automatically search the signals. See "Source Scan on " on page 43 for details. If no input is detected after auto searching for two rounds, a message of "No Signal" will be shown on the screen.

    The brightness level of the projected image will change accordingly when you switch between different input signals. Data graphic "PC" presentations using mostly static images are generally brighter than "Video" using mostly moving images movies. The input type affects the options available for the Application Mode. See "Selecting a picture mode" on page 31 for details. Adjusting the projected image Adjusting the projection angle The projector is equipped with 1 quick-release adjuster foot and 1 rear adjuster foot.

    Benq S2W 4300U/3300U Full Download [Instant Download]

    These adjusters change the image height and projection angle. To adjust the projector: 1. Lift the projector up and press the adjuster button to release the adjuster. The adjuster will drop into position and be locked.

    Benq Projector Manuals

    Do not look into the lens while the lamp is on. The strong light from the lamp may cause damage to your eyes. Screw the rear adjuster foot to fine tune the horizontal angle. To retract the foot, hold up the projector while pressing the quick-release button, then slowly lower the projector. Screw the rear adjuster foot in a reverse direction. If the screen and the projector are not perpendicular to each other, the projected image becomes vertically trapezoidal.

    To correct this situation, adjust the value of Keystone in the Picture menu, on the projector control panel, or on the remote control. See "Correcting keystone" on page 29 for details. To do this, press AUTO on the projector or remote control. Within 3 seconds, the built-in Intelligent Auto Adjustment function will re-adjust the values of Frequency and Clock to provide the best picture quality.

    It should be stored for easy access place. Any electrical and electronics products launched in the market after June should meet this RoHS requirements.

    Products launched in the market before June are not required to compliant with RoHS parts. If the product service or maintenance require replacing any parts, please confirming the RoHS requirement before replace them.

    Check that it is disconnected before opening the products cabinet. Follow ESD safety procedures while handling these parts.

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